Sunday, July 30, 2017

It's pretty cool that the President of France got to meet Rihanna

It was really sweet of her to pencil him into her busy schedule. What a queen.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I could probably finish The Prisoner of Zenda before Windows finishes updating

Just saying.

So anyways, this is my high tech life right now

G-d, this Creators Update is killing me with it's tree sloth covered in molasses speed.
And yes, I'm aware of how filthy my screen is. One thing at a time, folks, one thing at a time.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

So anyways, no one cares what celebrities thought about the Manchester bombing

I wrote this about a day or so after the tragedy because I discovered that several news and entertainment websites were putting out articles on how celebrities were reacting to it and it just got my goat.
You know what just pisses me right the fuck off? All these media outlets posting articles about how celebrities are reacting to the Manchester bombing.

Who the fuck actually cares? When I heard about the attack last night, none of my thoughts ran to “golly gee, I wonder how Chris Evans, Dwayne Johnson, Nicki Minaj, or Drake feel about this?” Because what they think is beyond irrelevant!

Fucking Christ, man, 22 people died last night and 59 were injured. Most of those victims were children. Let me say it again for the people in the back: CHILDREN WERE MURDERED AND MAIMED LAST NIGHT SO NOW IS NOT THE FUCKING TIME TO FOCUS ON FAMOUS PEOPLE. Yes, I get why Ariana Grande is getting attention because it was her concert, but even then the focus of this tragedy should be on the victims.

And that’s the root of why I’m so pissed off. The media has its head buried so far up the entertainment industry’s collective ass, that they can tell whether Kanye flossed this morning or not. Because of this, their natural inclination is to try and shift the focus of tragedies towards celebrities.
The focus needs to be on the victims and their families. You want tell stories? Write about the parents who have to buy burial plots and caskets for their children. The people who went out to a concert and never came home. Tell us about the victims who lost limbs or saw the life out of their best friend’s eyes. Exalt the city that suffered tragedy and did not bend to sorrow. The city where people came together, who opened their doors to total strangers.

Tell us about the heroes. The people who in the aftermath of the explosion, didn’t think of themselves but of their fellow man. Who gave what aid and comfort they could until help could arrive. The first responders who fought Death itself so that no more lives were lost that night.

Tell us about the people who could offer nothing more than a body to lean on and a shoulder to cry on.

Tell us about the first responders, the doctors and nurses who went home and hugged their children tighter.

Don’t tell us about how actors or singers are thinking or feeling.

Tell us about Manchester and her people.

So anyways, this doesn't look out of place at all

Friends, Romans, countrymen, when someone can photoshop Saruman into a picture with Donald Trump and it doesn't at all look unusual or ridiculous, then we may have entered a place even stranger than the Twilight Zone. G-d help us all.